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Honpumet LLC

Honpumet LLC is a machine shop making products by orders. We are located in Mouhijärvi, Sastamala (Pirkanmaa) and have 40 employees. Our production consists of single pieces and small series and the main material we use is aluminum profile.

The product range is wide and some of our products have been used for example in electrics stowage compartments of railway engines, the communicating doors and the serving tables on trains. In Honpumet we have also produced parts for ships, power plants, wind generators and the facades on buildings.

The story of Honpumet begins in early ‘80s in a farmhouse in Mouhijärvi. Read more...

Farmer Matti Honkala started to produce wooden packages in his house alongside his other job. In three years he had to move to an old machine shelter and he changed the material from wood to metal. The first machine was bought in 1986.
Honkala then got rid of the kiln and two barns and built a new 900m2 machinery hall in 1987. At this time he incorporated his business.

To extend the machinery hall they built an office during the spring in 1998. After dismantling the cowhouse a supply hall was built in its place in autumn the same year.From the current machinery the first one to arrive was the Mazak VTC-30C in 1998.

the 21st century
In year 2000 Honpumet got new owners: Matti and Heimo Honkala. They were Matti Honkala’s sons who took over the company after their father retired in the age of 64. In the same year a new machine, Mazak FH-4000, was purchased. In 2001 Honpumet got Mazak VTC-300C.
In year 2002 Jarno Pirhonen joined the company as a stakeholder. The first Handtmann machining center was PBZ NT 600 A.S. and I was put in its place in December 2002 and the next two Handtmanns joined it in 2004 and 2005.
In 2007 Janne Ahonen also joined the company as a stakeholder and in December 2007 they built yet another 200m2 supply hall.
The year 2008 a new big production hall was built (1450m2). In June 2009 a new longer Handtmann PBZ SC arrived from Germany. In the side of the newest hall was built a loading platform in summer 2009 the size of 750m2.

the 22nd century
the 22nd century
In 2010 Honpumet acquired a new horizontal machining center, Doosan HP 5100 and a material handling robot Fanuc R2000i/120. With these two they wanted to start executing effectively large series manufacturing.
Two years after this in 2012 they got a vertical machining center Mazak 2000/200 and they automatized pipe threading by modernizing OKUMA LC40. The same year Honpumet got also a new stakeholder, Salla Honkala.
In 2014 Honpumet’s quality system was granted ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. With this quality system they pursue to develop their working to a better direction in every field of the production step by step.

In the future we intend to continue developing our working and capacity along with strengthening relationships with our most important customers. Our goal is to be a part of designing new products from the beginning and offer our knowledge in machining matters to achieve the best solutions.