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Certified quality

The needs of our customers is the basis for our quality. In the production we pursue to use the latest techniques in machining as well as in the quality assurance. The newest technique allows us also to machine the products as quick as possible and it minifies the interruptions in production. In our small series production we emphasize our 30 years of workmanship. Everyone in our company is responsible of their own work during the process of delivering the product from customer to customer. Our motto is “Doing it right the first time and better the second".

Environment matters are taken care of with our partners. The slivers materializing during the production and the excessive material are delivered to be smelted for recycling. All of the waste, papers, cardboards, plastic and metals, are delivered to be recycled and the wooden waste to be burnt. The washing process of our products is totally chemical free.

Occupational safety and health are taken care of in collaboration with health centers and all of our employees are provided with a voluntary health and accident insurance.

Our working system has a DNV ISO 9001 quality system certification from 2014 and our goal is to get ISO 14001 environmental management system certification in 2016.