World-class aluminium machining

Honpumet’s machine capacity

We offer our customers a range of high-quality machining services.

CNC machining centre

Efficient 5-axis machining directly from aluminium profiles, with no need for other work stages. Flexible serial production for a range of products. MQL and high-pressure cutting systems available. Current machines and recommended ranges.

Production from profiles or standard materials combined with saw lines. Suitable for both one-off and serial production. Efficient material removal with secure fixings and efficient cooling systems. Choice of production methods according to the specific requirements of the workpiece. Extensive range of machines and dimensions.

Vertical and horizontal

Palletec High Rise system

From an order to production in a matter of hours. Entire manufacturing process in a single cell. Two Mazak HCN-5000 centres. Certified manufacturing 160/384 tool slots and 36 pallet slots. Serial production without setup time.

Round-the-clock machining with a Doosan 5001HP centre and a Fanuc 2000i robot. Particularly suitable for maximising the production of existing products. In-built finishing, washing and inspection within the cell. From a preform to a packaged product without human intervention.

Automated production